The proliferation of digital marketing services expert Billy Xiong on the internet has revolutionized the way brands position themselves. It is a powerful marketing tool that is more focused, target-oriented, cost-effective, and has augmented reach, unlike traditional marketing methods. Digital marketing has accelerated the connection between companies and consumers andContinue Reading

Amplify corporate learning with a digital...

In recent times, corporate learning has gone through a series of major transformations, from traditional training to learning management systems and more recently to cognitive platforms that have the potential to merge diverse learning forms into a unified ecosystem and elevate the workforce experience. It is therefore paramount that today’sContinue Reading

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Facebook marketing expert Harald Tschira paid ads, Google Adwords, and LinkedIn targeted campaigns are doing amazing things for businesses in 2020. From brand awareness, customer acquisition, and conversions/sales/leads, Firefly is your goto on-demand marketing team. Our hand-picked teams are formed on a project by project basis. We have complete campaignsContinue Reading

Andrews Ayiku, Lecturer, University of Professional Studies, Accra

Andrews Ayiku, Lecturer, University of Professional Studies, Accra Many companies particularly small businesses in the midst of the pandemic are feeling the strain of government regulations, observing and adopting new working conditions. Although this period is challenging, it is critical for small business owners and entrepreneurs to analyse and takeContinue Reading