The Art of Advertising as well as Branding Nowadays, it is rather interesting exactly how business from various markets attempt to regularly surpass each other. If you are not watchful sufficient, attempt having a look at the all the imaginative advertising and marketing and also branding approaches they make useContinue Reading

Online Search Engine as well as Online Marketing Optimization STUDY WHITE PAPERS – TIPS Online Search Engine and also Online Marketing Optimization A lot of trusted Online Markers, whether they are from multi-million buck shopping mega-sites or tiny firms with simply a couple of workers, recognize the relevance of highContinue Reading

LookSmart Not Small Business Friendly There is a firestorm of unfavorable press relating to LookSmart’s current advertising and marketing stumbles by means of countless conversation teams, consisting of 2 of the earliest as well as most significant, I-Advertising and also i-search Digests. The majority of the reviews fixate LookSmart’s failureContinue Reading

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Is NPCI’s UPI Market Share Cap Plan Off As...

NPCI had proposed a 33% cap on UPI payments apps in August 2019 Fintech experts suggest that implementation of any market share-based cap is practically difficult Smaller payments platforms urge NPCI to implement caps to protect competition Concerned about the dominance of players such as PhonePe and Google Pay, theContinue Reading